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sitar for concert

$1,532.00 $1,235.00

Sitar for professional concert performance.

Fully Tuned Sitar
Professional Quality
Magnificent Acoustic Sound
Made with thoroughly-dried Tun Wood
Natural Color Finish
Steel, Bronze & Brass Strings
Kharaj Pancham Style: 7 Main & 13 Sympathetic Strings
Carved Wooden Tuning Pegs
Exquisite Inlay Work
Half Decorated, Gulab Patta Design (Rose Leaf)
Double Toomba (One Main Gourd Toomba, One wooden Toomba)
Handmade, Camel Bone Bridges
Fine-tuning Beads/duck made with Camel Bone (You can request Fiber bridges and beads instead of camel bone at no extra cost)
Includes a Beautiful Trolley with Wheels, made with Fiber
Optional Extras: Learn Sitar Book, Padded Gig Bag, Surface Touch Pickup


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