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Sitar for beginner

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Vadya Sitar for Beginner & Intermediate level Learner students.

– Sitar Style: Vilayat Khan style Gandhar Pancham Sitar
– Sitar Strings: 6 Main & 12 Sympathetic
– Sitar Weight: 4 – 4.5 Kgs Approximate
– Sitar Length: 51 Inches Approximate
– Sitar Color: Natural wood colour
– Sitar Strings Type: Brass, Bronze & Steel
– Sitar Wood: Thoroughly Dried Seasoned Tun wood
– Sitar Tumba: Single Toomba (Gourd) with inlay work

Buy Top rated, best quality, professional learner Sitar on sale at affordable, low-cost price tag for Sitar learning beginner students. Handcrafted, tuned & tested by experienced Sitar artisans, tested again for tuning, sound quality, appearance & performance by GAALC school faculty teachers / Sitarist before the dispatch.

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Product Description

Vadya Sitar Features:

  1. The Gandhar Pancham or Vilayat Khan style Sitar having 6 main strings & 12 sympathetic strings produce magnificent acoustic sound on beginner Sitar.
  2. Beautifully Carved wooden tuning pegs gear for main strings ensure easier sitar tuning, fine tuning beads / duck & bridges precisely made of Fiber / bone.
  3. Sitar hand crafted by the best experienced professional Sitar artisans, made with thoroughly-dried and seasoned Tun wood for great sound quality.
  4. Vilayat Khan Style single tumba / toomba (gourd) professional quality  Vadya Sitar with exquisite inlay work & floral carving on Sitar.


Vadya brand Sitar instrument for learner is an ideal instrument for beginner and intermediate level Sitar students for Sitar training lessons from their Sitar guru and for regular self-practice or riyaz. The best Sitar instrument for learning and extended Sitar practice.  The hand-made learner’s Sitar is available as Gandhar Pancham style Sitar or Vilayat Khan style Sitar having Brass strings, designed, hand crafted, tuned & tested by Sitarists / professional Sitar maker artisans. Sitar is again professionally tuned and tested on all the quality parameters of performance, sound quality, make quality etc. by GAALC school teachers faculty and professional Sitar performers before shipping.  The Sitar is professionally designed according to Gandhar Pancham style or Vilayat Khan style Sitar with 6 main & 12 sympathetic strings, by Vadya trusted by musicians for reliable and consistent high quality musical instruments and accessory products.



– Sitar + Fiber Glass Hard Case Including Shipping to North America: USA / Canada – USD 465.90 / Equivalent*
– Sitar + Fiber Glass Hard Case Including Shipping to Oceania: Australia / New Zealand – AUD 693.60 / Equivalent*
– Sitar + Fiber Glass Hard Case Including Shipping to All Countries in Europe & UK: – Euro 366.90 / Equivalent*
– Sitar + Fiber Glass Hard Case Including Shipping to Asia: All Countries in Asia – INR 24090.00 / Equivalent*
– Sitar + Fiber Glass Hard Case Including Shipping to Africa: All Countries in Africa – INR 26700.00 / Equivalent*
– Sitar + Fiber Glass Hard Case Including Shipping to All Countries in South America – INR 28050.00 / Equivalent*

*Approximate Cost. Total Final cost may vary according to the actual shipping costs.



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